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Mobile Banking Deposit Service Agreement and Disclosure

If applicable, JSFCU agrees to provide you with Mobile Banking Deposit (MBD) service. MBD is designed to authorize deposits to a checking account from home, work, or other locations with check images and appropriate deposit information submitted on the JSFCU Mobile Banking app.

Member Eligibility

MBD is granted to members in good standing utilizing our JSFCU Mobile Banking App. After your self-enrollment is submitted, you will be able to make a deposit after two (2) business days. When it is available, you will see the Deposit option on the JSFCU Mobile Banking App.

Limitation of Service

When using MBD, you may experience technical or other difficulties. JSFCU cannot assume responsibility for any technical or other difficulties or any resulting consequences that you may incur. We reserve the right to change, suspend, or discontinue the MBD service, in whole or in part, or your use of MBD, in whole or in part, immediately and at any time without prior notice to you.


JSFCU does not charge a fee to use MBD, however there may be fees associated with certain transactions. All other fees that have been separately disclosed to you in connection with your Account(s) will continue to apply to those Account(s). See the credit union’s fee disclosure for details.

Eligible Items

You agree to deposit only “checks” as that term is defined in Federal Reserve Regulation CC (Regulation CC). When the submitted image of the check is converted to an Image Replacement Document (IRD) for subsequent presentment and collection, it shall be deemed an “item” within the meaning of Article 3 and Article 4 of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).

Unacceptable Items

You understand and agree that you will not deposit the following items:

  • Any third party check, i.e., any item that is made payable to another party and then endorsed to you by such party
  • Any item that contains evidence of alteration to the information on the check
  • Any item issued to you by a financial institution in a foreign country
  • Checks payable jointly, unless deposited into an account in the name of all payees
  • Checks previously converted to a substitute check, as defined in Regulation CC
  • A remotely created check, as defined in Regulation CC
  • Checks not payable in US currency
  • Stale dated checks – checks dated more than 6 months prior to the date of deposit
  • Checks that are post-dated or expired
  • Checks payable of sight or payable through Draft, as defined in Regulation CC
  • Checks with any endorsement on the back other than that specified in this Agreement
  • Checks that have been previously been submitted through the MBD service or other remote deposit capture service offered at another financial institution
  • Cash
  • Savings Bonds
  • Any item that is non-negotiable (whether stamped in print or as a watermark)
  • Other checks or items prohibited by JSFCU as described in your Membership and Account Agreement

Deposits of this nature will result in the immediate termination of the MBD service and an immediate reversal of the transaction or credit to your account. A reversal means the amount of the item(s) deposited will be removed from your account and will reduce your account balance. The reversal may also result in a negative balance on your account and you may incur fees.

Endorsements and Check Requirements

Any image of a check that you transmit to us must accurately and legibly provide all of the information on the front and back of the check at the time of presentment to you by the drawer. Prior to capturing the original check image, you will restrictively endorse any item submitted through the MBD service as: “For Mobile Deposit Only” or as otherwise instructed by JSFCU.

You agree to follow any and all other procedures and instructions for use of the MBD service as JSFCU may establish from time to time. The captured image of the check submitted to us using MBD must accurately and legibly provide, among other things, the following information:

  1. Your endorsement
  2. The information identifying the drawer and the paying bank that is preprinted on the check, including complete and accurate MICR information and the signatures
  3. Other information placed on the check prior to the time an image of the check is captured, such as any required identification written on the front of the check and any endorsements applied to the back of the check.

The image quality of the check must comply with the requirements established from time to time by the American National Standards Institute (“ANSI”), the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Board, including the requirements under federal Regulation CC, or any other regulatory agency, clearing house or association. The MBD service may reject your deposit if the image is not satisfactory. Receipt of the image does not guarantee we can accept the image.

Receipt of Items

We reserve the right to reject any item submitted through MBD, at our discretion, without liability to you. We are not responsible for items we do not receive or for images that are dropped during transmission. An image of an item shall be deemed received when you receive a confirmation from us that we have received the image. Receipt of such confirmation does not mean that the submission was error free, complete or will be considered a deposit and credited to your account. We further reserve the right to charge back to your account at any time; any item that we subsequently determine was not an eligible item. You agree that JSFCU is not liable for any loss, costs, or fees you may incur as a result of our chargeback of an ineligible item.

Rejection of Deposit

You agree that we are not liable for any loss, costs or fees levied against you due to our rejection of any item. In all cases, you are responsible for any loss or overdraft plus any applicable fees to your account(s) due to an item being returned.

Returned Items

A notice will be provided to you of transactions we are unable to process because of returned items. With respect to any item that you transmit to us for remote deposit that we credit to your account, in the event such item is dishonored, you authorize us to debit the amount of such item from your account, including any applicable fees. Please refer to our current Fee Schedule for applicable fees.

Availability of Funds

You agree that items submitted using the MBD service are not subject to the funds availability requirements of Federal Reserve Board Regulation CC. In general, if an image of an item you submit using MBD is received and accepted before 3:00pm Eastern Time on a business day that we are open normal hours, Mondays through Fridays except federal holidays, we consider that day to be the day of your deposit. Otherwise, we will consider the deposit was made on the next business day we are open. Please be aware early closure may affect the aforementioned cut off time. In addition, checks submitted during emergency conditions, such as natural disasters, extreme weather conditions, communication malfunctions, and/or other situations beyond the control of the credit union may be held until conditions permit to provide availability of funds.

Funds deposited using MBD will generally be made available as follows:

  • $225.00 from a deposit will be available by the first business day after the day of your deposit.
  • The remaining funds will be available by the second business day after the day of your deposit.

For example, if you deposit a check of $700.00 on a Monday, $225.00 of the deposit will be available by Tuesday. The remaining $475.00 will be available by Wednesday. $225 next business day.

Longer holds may apply for accounts opened less than 30 calendar days. Please review our Funds Availability Policy for complete details.

Retention and Disposal of Transmitted Items

Upon your receipt of a confirmation from JSFCU that we have received the image of an item, you agree to immediately mark “Deposited” on the front of the check and retain it for at least 30 calendar days from the date of the image submission. After 30 days, you agree to destroy the check that you submitted as an image, mark it “VOID” on both sides, or otherwise render it incapable of further submission, deposit, or presentment. You agree to never re-present the check for deposit. You will promptly provide any retained check, or a sufficient copy of the front and back of the check, to JSFCU as requested to aid in the clearing and collection process, to resolve claims by third parties with respect to any check, or for our audit purposes. If you are unable to provide a sufficient copy of the front and back of the check you will be liable for any unresolved claims by third parties.

Deposit Limits

We reserve the right to impose limits on the amounts and/or number of deposits submitted depending on your member standing and to modify such MBD limits from time to time. Currently, there is a $3,000 daily deposit limit. There is a 5 items per day limit with the total not exceeding the $3,000 daily deposit limit.


You agree to immediately notify us of any suspected errors regarding checks deposited through the MBD service by calling 888-322-2848 or using JSFCU website’s secure contact service.

Periodic Statement

Any deposits made through the MBD service will be reflected on your monthly or quarterly periodic statement. You understand and agree that you are required to notify us of any error relating to images submitted using MBD by no later than sixty (60) days after you receive the monthly periodic statement that includes any transaction you allege is erroneous. You also understand and agree that JSFCU is not responsible for any errors that you fail to bring to our attention within such time period.

Errors in Transmission

By using the MBD service, you accept the risk that an item may be intercepted or misdirected during transmission. JSFCU bears no liability to you or others for any such intercepted or misdirected items or information disclosed through such errors.

User Warranties and Indemnification

You make the following warranties and representations to JSFCU with respect to your use of MBD and each image of an original check you submit to us using MBD:

  • Each image of a check submitted to us is a true and accurate rendition of the front and back of the original check, without any alteration, and the drawer of the check has no defense against payment of the check
  • The amount, the payee, signature(s), and endorsement(s) on the original check are legible, genuine, and accurate
  • Each check that you submit to us for deposit will not be resubmitted in any format to us or to any other person for payment and will not cause the same drawer’s account to be debited twice
  • Other than the digital image of an original check that you remotely deposit through the MBD service, there are no other duplicate images of the original check
  • Each original check was authorized by the drawer in the amount stated on the original check and to the payee stated on the original check
  • You have not knowingly failed to communicate any material information to us
  • You will retain possession of each original check deposited using the MBD service for the required retention period and neither you nor any other party will submit the original check for payment
  • You will not use the Service and/or your accounts for any illegal activity or transactions
  • Files and images transmitted to us will contain no viruses or any other disabling features that may have an adverse impact on our network, data, or related systems

Termination of Service

You may, by written request, terminate the MBD service provided for in this Agreement. We may terminate your use of MBD at any time. In the event of termination of the MBD service, you will remain liable for all transactions performed on your account.


By self-enrolling for MBD, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of Jersey Shore Federal Credit Union’s Mobile App Deposit Agreement and Disclosure. You further acknowledge that you have read and understood and agree to all of the terms and conditions of said Disclosure and Agreement and any applicable addendums contained therein. By clicking the “Accept” button, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of Jersey Shore Federal Credit Union’s Mobile App Deposit Agreement and Disclosure. You further acknowledge that you have read and understood and agree to all of the terms and conditions of said Disclosure and Agreement and any applicable addendums contained therein. This Agreement and Disclosure can also be found at www.jerseyshorefcu.org

Updated June 14, 2021

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