Don't just take our word — hear it from our members! Choose better banking at Jersey Shore Federal Credit Union.

Auto Loan, Consolidation

Christopher P – "It was easy to move our car loan to the credit union and it is saving us $120 each month! In addition, we also consolidated other debt to free up even more money every month.”    

Auto Loan, Refinance

Josie C – "I was recommended by a family member to get an auto loan through Jersey Shore Federal Credit Union. It was a great experience: not only did they help me with my auto loan but showed how I could refinance other loans and save on my payments! I would recommend everyone to use Jersey Shore Federal Credit Union”    

Auto Loan

Dianne P – "Car loan went smooth with loan staff. Good experience.”   (Mortgage) Claire N – "Refinancing my mortgage has not only allowed me to enjoy lowering my interest rate, but also now I can do necessary renovations to my property”    

Mortgage, Employee Skill

Bill G – "Having been involved in real estate settlements for many years. I was impressed with the experience and expertise of working with JSFCU.”    

Member Loyalty, Refinance

George K – "I’ve been a member for 40 years. Everyone is always friendly and helpful. I refinanced my loan and lowered my monthly payments by $600!”    


Peter K – "We were able to consolidate our loans, including two car loans, and saved thousands a month in payments! It allows us to save more money.”


Robert P – "The process to refinance other higher rate credit cards to a loan with JSFCU was very straightforward! The tellers and MSR were very helpful. I’d recommend the Credit Union to other people I work with.”    

Refinancing, Company Atmosphere

Stephanie B – "Refinancing with Jersey Shore was like working with family. Staff was awesome to work with. We were treated like family! We saved about $375 a month!”


Stephanie M – "We had a great experience refinancing our high-rate loans! The application was fast, easy, and everyone was friendly and helpful!”

Refinance, Consolidation

Christopher P – "We reduced our car payment over $120 a month. We also consolidated other debt to reduce even more payments.”  

First Loan

Marilyn K – "I was enlightened about the differences between banks and credit unions when I met Jersey Shore representatives at a Community Life Fair. I took my son's fiancé to JSFCU for a car loan (the place she had gone to wanted to charge her 30% interest...can you imagine!) She is fairly young, and barely has any credit built. Jersey Shore FCU was able to get her into the pre-owned car she wanted at 9.25%!"

Employee Benefit

Sue B, Branch Manager Discovery Travel – "Discovery Travel and Tours has included Jersey Shore Federal Credit Union in our employee’s benefit package since 2002. It is a great way for employees to automatically put a portion of their pay into a savings account to save for the holidays or for any reason. Employees also value access to affordable loans and all the credit union’s convenient services." 

Checking Account

Michael R – "Jersey Shore made it so easy to open my checking account. They are a pleasure to deal with and I won a Kindle Fire for opening my account! Just an added plus. Thank you Jersey Shore.”

Friendly Staff, Easy Online Services

Karen C – "I love Jersey Shore Federal Credit Union! The people are so friendly. I won a $100 gift card for doing what’s natural, paying bills online. Their online services are so easy to use!"

Knowledgeable Staff

Brianna D – "My fiance and I used JSFCU for the first time and had such a great experience. Staff was extremely knowledgeable and helpful! We will continue to use JSFCU for any future banking needs!” 

Credit Builder

Lataysha S – "I am a single mother of four and my biggest goal was to own the home that we have rented. I was told to open up a Credit Builder Loan 3 years ago to help improve my credit score. I had the loan for 12 months and noticed a big difference in my credit score. I opened a second Credit Builder Loan to improve my score even more. I like that once you make a payment, that money is available for you to use, if needed. I am proud to say that I am now a homeowner! Thank you to the credit union team in helping me on the road to success!"