New Card Fraud Protection

New Card Fraud Protection
You’ll Now Receive Immediate Alerts If Credit Or Debit Card Fraud Is Suspected

New Alert System

Data breaches have become all too common these days with hackers making headlines by stealing credit and debit card information from people like you. At Jersey Shore Federal Credit Union, we take threats like these very seriously. That’s why we’re beefing up our security with a bigger, better fraud prevention system. Previously, you receive a personal call from a live agent if fraud was suspected. Our new system, which started May 26 allows you to receive an automated text, call, or email that easily walks you through reviewing suspicious activity on your card. 

Our new automated alerts system includes:

Immediate Alerts:

When suspicious activity has been detected on your card, we don’t wait for an agent to dial your number – our automated system will contact you by text, phone, or email.

2-Way Communication

You can take action the second you receive your alert – by texting the provided command word, interacting with the automated system on the phone, or calling the Fraud Department number in the email. Simply follow the instructions to answer questions regarding your recent card activity.

If you do not respond to the text, calls, or emails then your card may be blocked.

Real-Time Support

Our live agents are ready to assist you at any time to ensure you receive the best defense exactly when you need it.

Our new, automated system will reach you faster with the tools and information you need to identify potential fraudulent activity immediately, and stop it in its tracks.

Don’t delay – to ensure that you receive these important alerts, you’ll want to log into Online Banking  and make sure that your contact information is updated.