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Fees & Disclosures

As a non-profit organization, any proceeds from our operations are returned to our members in the form of lower fees, better rates and complimentary services.

Below are our disclosures and fees for personal accounts. For business accounts, please see our Business Fees & Disclosures




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Personal Fee Schedule

Effective October 12, 2023

Share Draft Account Fees

Effective October 12, 2023
Safety Net Overdraft$5.01-$20.00 is $10.00 per transaction. $20.01 and over is $35.00 per transaction.
Insufficient Fund Item Charge/Uncollected Funds$35.00 per item
Stop Payment (Member Request)$30.00 per item ($100 maximum for lost or stolen checks)
Certified Check$10.00 per check
Copy of Canceled Share Draft$2.00 per check
Official/Corporate Check made payable to another party (except from loan proceeds or payable to self)$8.00 per check
Starter Checks (After first 12 for new accounts)$2.00 per 4 checks
Overdraft Protection from Share or Share Draft$7.00 per transfer
Fresh Start Checking (Taken on the last day of each month)$15.00 per month

Money Market Account Fees

Effective October 12, 2023
Excessive Transaction (Fee applies when account exceeds six pre-authorized transactions per month)$10.00 per transaction
Monthly Fee if Below Minimum $500 Required Balance$5.00 per month

Mastercard Debit/ATM Card Fees

Effective October 12, 2023
Safety Net Overdraft$5.01-$20.00 is $10.00 per transaction. $20.01 and over is $35.00 per transaction
Charges for Replacement Cards (If rush delivery is needed, add $45)$5.00 each
Deposits of Insufficient Fund Check$35.00 per item
Insufficient Fund Charge$35.00 per transaction
Overdraft Protection from Share or Share Draft$7.00 per transfer
Out-of-Network Fee (Non Jersey Shore FCU ATMs)50¢ per balance inquiry
Out-of-Network Fee (Non Jersey Shore FCU, CO-OP, and Allpoint ATMs)$1.50 per withdrawal

Miscellaneous Charges and Fees

Effective October 12, 2023
e-Pay (Bill Payer Service) without Checking and Debit/ATM Card$6.95 per month
Return Check or Insufficient Fund Item Charge$35.00 per check
Account Reconciliation Request (If error not caused by credit union)$25 per hour
Money Orders$ 3.00 each
Electronic Payment Insufficient Funds$35.00 per item
Wire Transfer (Domestic) – Outgoing$20.00 per wire
Wire Transfer (International) – Outgoing$40.00 per wire
Wire Transfer (International and Domestic) – Incoming$15.00 per wire
Early Closure of Holiday, Vacation or Surf Club$20.00 plus earned dividends
Home Equity Loan Processing Fee for Loans under $20,000$250.00 per loan
Address Locator Fee$25.00 (Additional fees may apply)
IRA Transfers Outgoing$25.00 per transfer
Liens, Levies, and Attachments$125.00 per lien, levy, & attachment
Fax for non-credit union business$2.00 per fax
Verification of Account$15.00 per account
Vehicle Repossession Fee$100.00 plus repossession costs
Return Mail$7.00 per item
Copy of StatementFree for current year; $1.00 per page for previous years
Mailed Paper Statement (Prime Tide, Little Stars, and MyShore Teen Clubs exempt)$1.50 per mailing
Low Balance Fee*$5.00 per month
New Main Share Account closed within 3 months of opening$25.00
Dormant Account – Accounts over $100 that are inactive for 12 months or more will be charged on the last day of each month.$5.00 per month

Non-Member Fees

Effective October 12, 2023
Notary Services$2.50 per notary
ATM Withdrawal Fee at JSFCU ATM$2.50 per withdrawal
Coin Counting Machine9.00% of total coin counted
Loan Application Fee (Fee becomes minimum deposit upon decision to be a member.)$25 Non-refundable

*Applies to main share account if the monthly aggregate average daily balance of all accounts (i.e., regular, club, IRA, checking and money market) falls below $100.  However, it will not be charged if the account owner is 25 years of age or younger, if there is an active loan on the account, if there is an open share certificate on the account, or if the member completes 10 transactions during the calendar month using their JSFCU Debit Card attached to that share account. 

All fees are set by the Board Of Directors and subject to change

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