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Highlights From Our 61st Annual Meeting

Thank you to everyone that attended Jersey Shore's 61st Annual Meeting!

Over 60 members attended and enjoyed a complimentary lunch. All attendees were greeted by our President/CEO Jim Burns and Board Chairman Jack Hickey. We had one Board Of Directors seat up for election and Ashraf Boulos was elected to a three year term.  We also had the pleasure of honoring John Collette Jr who is officially retiring from our Board Of Directors after serving us for so many years. Throughout the event there were raffles taking place and members had a chance to win one of ten $61 cash prizes.

During the meeting, time was taken to acknowledge some tremendous staff accomplishments and anniversaries:

Anny DeJesus – 5 years of service
Garrett Garcia – 5 years of service
Shavonne Thornton – 5 years of service
Valerie Taylor – 10 years of service
Lesli Kile – 10 years of service
Jill Dickerson – 10 years of service
James Burns – 10 years of service
Yolanda Dioses – 20 years of service
Erna Laielli – Employee Of The Year

Thank you to all the members that attended our 61st Annual Meeting. We hope everyone enjoyed the day and had a terrific time!

Some pictures from the event are below!

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