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Highlights From Our 60th Annual Meeting

Highlights From Our 60th Annual Meeting

Members and Staff Who Attended The Annual Meeting In Our Northfield Branch

Over 75 members attended and enjoyed a complimentary lunch. All attendees were greeted by our President/CEO Jim Burns and Board Chairman Jack Hickey. Our two board incumbents, Michael DuPont and Robert Ternay ran unopposed and were re-elected for three year terms. Throughout the event there were raffles taking place and members had a chance at the $600 cash prize or one of five $60 cash prizes.

During the meeting, time taken to acknowledge some tremendous staff accomplishments and anniversaries:

Areed Bennett – 5 years of service
Angela Post – 5 years of service
Alberta Harper – 5 years of service
Nicholas Black – 5 years of service
Lisa Hollish – 5 years of service
Darrell Johnson – 5 years of Service
Shirley Haines – 15 years of service
Michelle Carlisle – Employee Of The Year

Thank you to all the members that attended our 60th Annual Meeting. We hope everyone enjoyed the day and had a terrific time!
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