Prime Tide Club

Prime Tide Club
At Jersey Shore FCU, age has its privileges! Members age 60 and over can get extra perks just for having direct deposit.

Special Discounts

Our Prime Tide Club provides special discounts for members age 60 and over who maintain a direct deposit of their paycheck or social security payment into their Checking Account.

Prime Tide Club benefits include:

  • No fee for money orders
  • No fee for certified/official checks
  • No fee for paper statements, however, e-Statements are recommended to reduce paper storage
  • One free box annually of specially designed checks
  • Free online bill payment service for members who have our Debit/ATM card

Combine these with all our other everyday free services and you'll find this club hard to beat!

Set Up Direct Deposit

Enrollment in the Prime Tide Club is automatic if you are age 60 or over and signed up for direct deposit.