Employer Network & Benefits

Banking With a Twist

Did you know that a person can save between $200 and $500 a year just by banking with a credit union instead of a bank? That’s because we’re not-for-profit and return income to our members in the form of better rates on savings and loans, low or no cost financial services, and much more.

What Is Jersey Shore Federal Credit Union’s Community Network Program?

Our Community Network Program is open to any employer, association or organization that has employees or members in Atlantic or Cape May counties. It can be a small, family-owned business, a large corporation, a school, a house of worship or any other type of organization. Through this program, all employees and members are eligible to join the credit union.

What Does The Community Network Program Include?

If you elect to offer this no cost benefit to your organization, you will play a key role in letting your employees or members know about the benefits of Jersey Shore Federal Credit Union. The following items are available to assist you:

  • Credit Union Membership Brochures and Holders: Jersey Shore Federal Credit Union can supply you with membership brochures and holders to display or to use during new employee or member orientation. A contact at your company, association, or organization can also enroll employees into the credit union directly if you desire.
  • Direct Deposit and Payroll Allotment Forms: Allotment forms are available for your employees or members to take advantage of making automatic deposits into their credit union account. If you elect a contact at your company or organization, he/she can start or change a Direct Deposit or Payroll Allotment.
  • On-site credit union day: we highly recommended you hold a credit union day to educate employees and members about our services. Your employees will be able to open accounts during this time with a minimum $25 deposit. We can provide marketing materials to help you announce your event. A representative is also available to attend benefit fairs or enrollment days. We can even bring giveaways, raffle prizes and snacks.
  • Latest news updates: we promise to keep you informed of credit union promotions through email, posters or payroll inserts sent to you at least twice a year. You're also welcome to link to our website from yours.

How Does Your Business, Association or Organization Become Part Of Our Community Network?

Our business development team will be happy to meet with you to discuss any questions you may have and to provide more information about our community network. If you decide to offer credit union membership to your employees or members, our business development team will gather your basic company information and design a roll out plan with your company contact. It is that easy! For more information, please email or call Erna Laielli at (609) 646-3339, ext. *129.