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ATIRAcredit MasterCard Chip Cards

ATIRAcredit MasterCard, our credit card partner, will begin issuing a new chip card, also known as EMV, technology cards. Learn more

CUC Mortgage Name Change

CUC Mortgage, our mortgage partner, is changing their name to OwnersChoice Funding as of April 6. Learn more

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Help Fight Pancreatic Cancer

Marianne's 5K For Cancer Trail Run/Walk will take place at Birch Grove Park in Northfield on Saturday, May 16. Learn more


Criminals use general text messages in order to get you to disclose personal information such as your debit card number and PIN. Do not fall for this scam. Learn more

Debit or Credit? What to say when using your Debit Card

We're out shopping, ready to use our Debit Card, and the sales clerk asks 'debit or credit?' It is a Debit Card, so we say 'debit,' right? Wrong. Learn more


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Regulation D Reminder

Please remember Regulation D limits you to make no more than six (6) withdrawals or transfers from each savings and money market account during a calendar month. Learn more

Gain a Better Understanding of Your Credit Report with Experian Credit Educator

Experian Credit Educator will provide you with a one time, one-on-one telephone based credit education session. Learn more